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“Ignoratia Juris Non excusat” i.e., ignorance of Law is no Excuse. This legal maxim has an abundance of thoughts and expressions into it. There is no offence if one has no knowledge of mathematics, or science, or social science etc. On the other hand knowledge of Law is indispensable because any act done by you, which is forbidden law is an offence and you cannot take a defence that you were not aware of the Law of the land. Amongst several career options available after LL.B, Judiciary is the most desired one. The designation one holds after his selection in judiciary is the “Judge”, this word in itself brings respect in one’s mind but apart from this there are many perks and benefits associated it. All these factors attached with judicial services fascinate the aspirants a lot and that is why it is always on the top of the priority list of them.

Judicial services set forth this above discussed scrumptious platter to you and that too just after LL.B. It’s lucrative, has utmost prestige in society and brings the kind of Status you have always dreamt of. Its preparation starts from the very commencement of your Law Degree. This desire gets fortified once you start developing the understanding of Law subjects in your academics, and the moment you have made it clear that this is the only career option which you would strive of, you must start thinking the way a Judge thinks. You can do this by reading a lot of judgments of Hon’ble Supreme Court and different High Courts. Try and solve the cases by applying your own legal concepts and interpretations and then match and see the real verdicts. This would certainly give you the broader and thorough understanding of Law and a sense of opinion which might be right or contradictory, but both ways it will shape gradually a future presiding officer in you.

One can definitely clear the judicial services exam with a sheer dedication and hard work but a torch bearer or a mentor is highly recommended for savouring the success a little early or precisely on time.

Mostly the big names in Judiciary coaching are situated in Delhi (Mukherji Nagar, GTB Nagar, Karol Bagh, Laxmi Nagar, etc.). its good for students living in Delhi or nearby regions whereas it builds an extra pressure on the students of other States because either they have to prepare on their own or move to Delhi.

This was the scenario prior to Corona Pandemic and we all know that Corona has taught us many lessons, one of such positive lessons is this that it has exposed us to the world of internet and its never ending opportunities & possibilities. The pandemic has become a blessing in disguise when it comes to Judiciary Coaching because now we have many good online coaching options available besides the offline mode or you can say the customary mode of coaching system.

Offline Judiciary classes definitely have its long lasting charm but on the other hand the online platforms have also flexed their muscles during pandemic and proved that they are indeed worth it. Unfortunately we have only few online Judiciary Coaching institutes which provide the best Judiciary Coaching at affordable fee but there is always a silver lining and we hope that many more will be joining the battle down the road at our disposals to make this journey a little smooth and hassle free. (Based on our research) Following are the few best Offline and online Judiciary coaching Institutes or platforms;

Top Online Judiciary Coaching Institutes

Legal Flag

Top Offline Judiciary Coaching Institutes

  • Rahul’s IAS
  • Ambition
  • Pahuja Law Academy
  • Juris Academy
  • Delhi Law Academy
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