Spotting the Errors - Complete Tutorial

When you read the sentence correction questions, pay particular attention to the underlined portions and look for at least one errors.

  1. If the underlined section contains verbs, make sure they agree with their subjects and are in the proper tense.
  2. Check any pronouns to determine whether they agree in number with the nouns they refer to.
  3. Look at list to confirm that their construction is parallel.
  4. Note any tricky idiomatic phrases to verify that they are used correctly.
  5. Look for repetitive and otherwise language.

find-an-errorIf you don’t see any obvious errors, read through the answer choices just make sure they don’t reveal something you may have missed. If you still don’t see a problem, choose the first answer choice. About 20 present of the sentence correction sentences contain no errors.

Remember: Don’t look for errors in the portion of the sentence that isn’t underlined. Even if you find something, you can’t correct it!
The underlined portion of the sample question contains a verb but it agrees with its subject and in the proper tense.
The underlined portion of the sample question contains a verb, but agrees with its subject and is in the proper tense. There’s also a pronoun, they. They refers to company, but company is a singular noun and they is a plural pronoun. You can’t have a plural pronoun refer to a singular noun. Therefore, the underlined section definitely has a pronoun agreement error.

Eliminating answer that don’t correct errors: If you spot an error in the underlined portion, read through that answer choices and eliminate those that don’t correct it. If you see more than one error in the underlined portion of the statement, begin with the error that has the more obvious correction. For example, if the underlined portion has both a rhetorical error and an error in subject-verb agreement, begin with the error in subject-verb agreement. Eliminating answer choices that don’t address that agreement problem is quick and easy. After you have eliminated the choice that don’t fix obvious error, move on the other error or errors. Comparing rhetorical constructions in answer choices can take a while, so eliminating choices before this step saves you time.

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