Reasoning, Aptitude, Numerical Ability Previous Year Questions

2500 Questions of Reasoning, Aptitude, Numerical Ability created from Previous Year Exams, help you to prepare for a Reasoning, Aptitude, Numerical Ability exam section advanced level to crack the recruitment / entrance or any competitive exam. We have created 50 set of Reasoning, Aptitude, Numerical Ability Questions each containing 50 questions. These Reasoning, Aptitude, Numerical Ability questions will help ensure that you improve your score and chances of a pass in any recruitment exam.

All the questions are with complete explanation, Shortcut methods, insight and tips on all the major types of questions. These questions help you in answering any type of reasoning, Aptitude, Numerical Ability questions and achieving a much higher score. It is ideal for the candidate who wants to prepare systematically for a psychometric test of reasoning and aptitude skills – and pass.

The Aptitude / Numerical Ability questions are from the below mentioned topics.

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Allegation or Mixture, Average, Banker's Discount, Binomial Theorem, Boats and Streams, Calculus, Calendar, Chain Rule, Clock, Complex Number and Quadratic Equations, Compound Interests, Coordinate Geometry, Decimal Fractions, Height and Distance, LCM and HCF, Linear Equations, Logarithm, Mensuration, Number System, Odd Man Out and Series, Partnership, Percentage, Permutations, Pipes and Cistern, Probability, Problems on Age, Problems on Trains, Profit and Loss, Progressions, Races and Games, Ratio and Proportion, Relations and Functions, Simple Interest, Simplification, Square and Cube Root, Stocks and Shares, Surds and Indices, Time and Work, Time, Work and Distance, Trigonometric, True Discount, Vector, Volume Surface Area and Perimeter

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