Odd Man Out and Series Problems, Shortcuts and Solutions

The Odd Man Out and Series questions test your ability to observe difference and similarities among various objects. Verbal Classifications tests, also known as "Odd Man Out and Series” tests, consist of a list of 5-6 items. These items could be either word, group of letters or figure and numbers. Out of the given 5-6 items one of them is different from the others. In other words, except one, all of them have some sort of similarity. You are required to study the given list of items, determine the similarity between them and pick up the one that does not bear the same characteristics as the other in the list. This different, un-associated or odd item has to be picked out from the list of items given in the questions.

Example: In the following five words, one is different from the others,
a) Rode
b) Flew
c) Sailed
d) Walked
e) Travelled

If we study these five words we find that all of them are associated with “movement” or “travelling” of a person. They all seem to be inter-related. However, a careful analysis will reveal that the word (e) Travelled is different from all the other words. The word (a) to (d) are specific ways of travelling and as such the word (e) Travelled does not fit in the list. It is the odd word in the list of 5 words. This type of words or item analysis is called classification to finding the “odd man out”

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