Important Banking Dates

General awareness / General knowledge questions for all Banking examinations. We have created a quiz of important banking dates questions which are asked in all the banking examinations. Generally important banking dates questions are very important in all the banking examination and also helpful in the banking job interview. Candidates are advised to take the test and learn the most important banking dates of Indian banking history. Important banking dates are also useful in Private Banking Jobs. We are continuously adding important banking dates but if you know any important banking date then kindly post it.

Important Banking Dates

                 Other Important Dates

      Dates         Importance of Day
January,5th Louis Braille Day
January,10th World Laughter Day
January,12th National Youth Day
January,15th Army Day
January,24th National Girl Child Day (Indira Gandhi Birthday)
January,25th National Voters Day
January,26th Republic Day
January,30th Martyr’s Day
February,4th World Cancer Day
February,21st World Mother Tongue Day
February,28th National Science Day
March,4th National Security day
March,8th International Women’s Day
March,15th World Consumers Right Day
March,21st World Forestry Day
March,22nd World Water Day
March,24th World TB Day
April, 5th National Maritime Day
April, 7th World Health Day
April, 18th World Heritage Day
April, 21st Civil Service Day
April, 22nd World Earth Day
April, 25th World Malaria Day
May,1st May Day (Workers Day)
May,3rd World Press Freedom Day
May,7th World Asthma Day
May,8th World Red Cross Day
May,11th National Technology Day
May Second Sunday World Mother’s Day
May,15th World Family Day
May,17th World Telecommunication Day
May,21st Anti-Terrorism Day
May,24th Common Wealth Day
May,31st No Tobacco Day
June,5th World Pollution Day
June,12th World Day Against Child Labour
June,14th World Blood Donation Day
June,20th World Refugee Day
June,21st World Music Day
June,27th World Diabetes Day
June,29th National Statistics Day
July,1st World Doctors Day
July,11th World Population Day
July,18th Nelson Mandela Day
July,28th World Nature Conservation Day
August,6th Hiroshima Day
August,9th Nagasaki Day & Quit India Day
August,12th International Youth Day
August,19th World Photography Day
August,29th National Sports Day
September,5th National Teachers Day
September,8th International Literacy Day
September,15th National Engineers Day
September,21st World Peace Day
September,26th World Heart Day
September,28th World Rabies Day
 October,1st International Day of Elderly
October,8th Indian Air Force Day
October,9th World Postal Day
October,16th World Food Day
November,9th World Freedom day
November,11th National Educational Day
November,14th Children’s Day
November,19th International Men’s Day
November,20th Universal Children’s Day
November,21st World TV Day
November,29th National Law Day
December,1st AIDS Day
December,3rd World Disable Day, World Conservation Day
December,4th Navy Day
December,10th Human Rights Day
December,14th National Energy Conservation day
December,23rd Farmers Day
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