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Generally an anaelvislogy is a parallel that is drawn between two different, but adequately similar events, situations of circumstances. In Verbal Analogy questions they will ask you to determine the relationship between a pair of words and then recognize a similar or parallel relationship in a different pair of words. You are given a pair of words and must choose from the four pairs given as answer choices another pair exhibiting the same relationship. Therefore a test on analogy is a test of one's language / vocabulary and also a test of one's ability to reason out relationships.

There are basically a few common types of analogy questions. An effort has been made to gather as many types as possible. However, there is always a possibility of having more types.
Generally, in examinations, the directions for the questions on analogy may appear as follows :


Analogies Examples

In Each of the following questions, a related pair of words or phrases is followed by lettered pairs of words or phrases. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

Example 1) BEE : HIVE :
(a) horse : carriage ( b) rider : bicycle ( c) sheep : flock (d) cow : barn

2. BEE : Apiary:
(a) horse : carriage ( b) rider : bicycle (c) sheep : flock (d) cow : barn

Explanation : in question 1, a HIVE is the home for BEES, just as a barn is a home for cows. Similarly, an APIARY (also known as bee yard) is used to house bees, just as barn is used to house cows..
Have a look at following test exercise. just to know if you could identify an analogy item. Check how many of the below are possible pairs for analogies (i.e., there exists some relationship between the words)

(a) OAR : BOAT


Now, analyse your mistakes and know why you went wrong... You might have gone wrong basically for two reasons : Lexical Problem
Logical Relationship Problem

If you have a Lexical problem (a Lexicon is nothing but a Dictionary), you have to improve your vocabulary. If your problem is a logical relationship problem, then you must follow a good strategy to answer the 'analogy questions' (no need to be worried.. it will come with a little practice).

Method to solve Analogies problem

1) The first step in analyzing original analogous pair of words (the head pair) is to describe the connection between the words of the pair. The best way to do this is to formulate a sentence that express the connection between the words. Since the purpose of this sentence is to analyse or diagnose the nature of the connection between the words. Since the purpose of this sentence is to analyze or diagnose the nature of the connection between the words of the head pair, we may call it Diagnostic Sentence or DXS for short.

2) After formulating the Diagnostic Sentence, test each answer choice to find the pair of words that best fit the sentence.

Example :

hatred : affection
condemnation : approval
rage : anger
difficult : understanding
privacy : invasion

Now, the first step is to formulate a Diagnostic Sentence. ECSTASY means "great or overwhelming PLEASURE," so the Diagnostic Sentence might be "ECSTASY is extreme PLEASURE"

The second step is to test each of the answer choices with the Diagnostic Sentence

(a) Hatred is extreme affection
(b) Condemnation is extreme approval
(c) Rage is extreme anger
(d) Difficulty is extreme understanding
(e) Privacy is extreme invasion

option(c) is the best answer. Because for only Option 3, the pair of words correctly fit the Diagnostic Sentence

Solved Example for Analogies

1. "Marriage" is to "Divorce" as "True" is to ?
Explanation : Divorce" is the antonym of "Marriage". In the same way "False" is the antonym of "True".

2. Leaf is related to Sap in the same way as Bone is related to ?
Explanation : Sap is the fluid contained in Leaf in the same way marrow is the fluid contained in Bone.

3. Which of the following pairs of words bears the same relationship as that of the pair of words given at the question place?
Cells : Cytology :: Insects :
Explanation : Cytology is the study of Cells and Entomology is the study of Insects. (Extra info : Ornithology is the study of Birds, Anatomy is the study of the structure of human or animal bodies and Onomatology is the study of Names)

4. A "Square" is related to "Cube" in the same way as "Circle" is related to
Explanation : A square is a two dimensional figure consisting of sides where as a cube is a three dimensional figure. Similarly, circle is a two dimensional figure and a sphere is a three dimensional figure.


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