Word Formation in English

Vocabulary building

  • -tion/-sion = Action (demonstration, expansion, admission, exploration, authorization)
  • -ment = action or its result (punishment, argument, development, enlargement, unemployment)
  • -al = Action or its result (denial, refusal, trial, renewal, proposal)
  • -ance/-ence = Action or result (dependence, attendance, acceptance, interference)


Noun Suffixes

  • -ship = State or condition (friendship, citizenship, leadership, authorship, membership)
  • -cy = state or condition (bankruptcy, constancy, decency, accuracy, normalcy)
  • -ry/-ery = Action, condition, occupation (slavery, foolery, dentistry, cookery, chemistry)
  • -ility/-ity/-ty = state or condition (ability, simplicity, cruelty, readability, visibility, stability)
  • - er = profession, purposeful device, origin of persons (banker, bookseller, container, locker, Londoner)
  • -ee = sb affected by s th/sb (employee, chatee, interviewee, evaqcuee)
  • -ant/-ent = sb who carries out (servant, inhabitant, informant, solvent)
  • -ing = result (building, clothing, painting)
  • -ify = to make, to cause (simplify, prettify, classify, exemplify, justify)
  • -ize/-ise = to make, to treat in the way of (civilize, organize, Americanize, legalize, nationalize, popularize)
  • -en = to make, to make become (shorten, blacken, darken, harden, weaken, widen, sadden, deafen, deepen)
  • -ate = to add or provide with (urinate, ventilate, dehydrate, duplicate, differentiate)


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