Sentence Transformation English Grammar and Speaking

Objective - Sentence Transformation

  • Recognize the underlying pattern of sentences that have undergone
  • Interrogative
  • Negative
  • Imperative Transformation

Negative Sentences with Auxiliary Verbs

  • The negative word not appears after the auxiliary verb:
  • Peter will not (won’t) arrive early.
  • Frances has not (hasn’t) finished her homework.
  • Fred is not (isn’t) painting his room white.
  • In a combination of auxiliaries the negative marker not appears after the first one
  • Jan should not have been driving your car.
  • Edward has not been telephoning us regularly.

Negative Sentences with Be

  • When the main verb is a form of Be, the negative word not appears after be
  • Betty is here.
  • Betty is not (isn’t) here.
  • Harold’s old stereo was powerful.
  • Harold’s old stereo was not (wasn’t) powerful.

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