Verification of Truth Questions and Examples

In this type of test, some event or some statement is given and it is asked whether this happens always or sometimes or never. The answer is to the given on the basis of geographical, scientific, social, sports and daily experience.

Important Example for Verification of Truth

Example 1) “Kamla is going at night in the north direction and pole star is visible to her.” The pole star will be visible to her at her right.” Which one of the following answer is correct ?
(A) Always
(B) Sometimes
(C) Often
(D) Never
Answer with Explanation : (D) As the pole-star is seen always in the north direction and Kamla is going in the direction of north. So her right hand side will be in the east. Hence the pole-star will never be visible to her right.

Example 2) What is found necessarily in desert ?
(A) Camel
(B) Watermelon
(C) Sand
(D) Wind
(E) Heat
Answer with Explanation : (C) In desert ‘sand’ is always found, while other as camel, watermelon, wind or heat in not necessarily found.

Example 3) A river always has –
(A) Fishes
(B) Weeds
(C) Boats
(D) Banks
(E) Bridge
Answer with explanation : (D) River can not be formed without banks. Hence a river always has bank.

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