Theme Detection Questions and Answer

In such questions, a statement/paragraph is provided and you are detect the correct option, which contains the statement concluded from the statement/paragraph. Your choice has to contained the true gist or the theme of the question statement/paragraph.

Theme Detection Solved Examples

Example 1: Since it is possible that substances contained in certain tree roots may provide a cure for AIDS, the government must provide sufficient funds to allow thorough testing of this possibility
The argument above assumes that:-
(A) Substances contained in certain tree roots will probably cure AIDS.
(B) The line of research mentioned offers at present the most promising possibility for finding a cure for AIDS.
(C) The possibility of finding a cure is sufficient reason for funding research into possible AIDS cures.
(D) A cure for AIDS would be extremely valuable to society.
(E) The government is the only possible source of funds for the research described.

Answers and explanations: C
Examine the structure of the argument: the only reason given for funding the research is that the possibility exists that the substances cure AIDS. The unstated assumption is that this a sufficient reason for providing funds. No probability is mentioned (choice A), and no comparison with other lines of research is made (choice B). D, while probably true, does not provide logical support for the argument about researching this specific possibility. The argument simply say that the government should provide the funds, not that they are definitely unavailable elsewhere (choice E).
Statement and conclusion

Directions – Under this test in the question a statement is given, followed by two conclusions. It is not necessary that the conclusions may have direct relation to the statement. The candidate has to ascertain whether or not the conclusion has direct relation to statement –

Example 2.
Statement: Each honest man is awarded a medal.
Conclusions: I. Ram should be awarded a medal.
II. Ram should not be awarded a medal because he is not honest.
(A) Only conclusion I is correct
(B) Only conclusion II is correct
(C) Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II is correct
(D) Both the conclusions are correct.

Solution (B) – Conclusion I is not correct, there is no discussion of the main fact of the statement in it. Conclusion II is correct because it clearly states that Ram should not be given the medal because he is not honest.
Some times there are two statements and one conclusion in the test of these questions. The candidate has to find out on the basis of the conclusion of the statement as to which option of the answer is related to the conclusion.

Example 3.
Statement : I. 2 and 3 are odd numeral respectively.
II. 2 and 3 make 5 together.
Conclusion : 5 is an even and odd numerical.
(A) Conclusion is correct.
(B) Conclusion is incorrect.
(C) Perhaps the conclusion is correct.
(D) Conclusion is inconsistent.

Solution (B) – The conclusion is different from the main fact of the statement because 5 has been stated to be both an even and odd numeral whereas in actually 5 is an odd numeral. So, the conclusion in obviously incorrect.

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