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A statement followed by two argument is given.The candidate have to decide which of the argument is to basis of statement is strong and which one is weak .before answering the question it is necessary to understand the conception about the strong and weak argument.

1. ‘Strong arguments’ are directly related to the question.
2. ‘Weak arguments’ are not directly related to the question.
In these questions, a statement is followed by two arguments. A strong argument is that which touches the practical and real aspect of the situation as described in the statement. A weak argument is very simple, superfluous and long drawn one. Candidates are required to distinguish between the strong and weak arguments. Steps to Mark Strong or Weak, Arguments.

Rules for strong and weak argument

  1. A strong argument should relate with the statement and be supported by facts or established notions, but it should not be a factual statement.
    Statement Rural tourism should be encouraged in rural areas.
    I. Yes, rural people are creative.
    II. Yes, this would help to solve problems of unemployment to some extent.
    Explanation: Argument I is a factual statement. It may be true or may not be true. So, it is a weak argument. Argument
    II gives a strong reason for promotion of rural tourism. So, it is a strong argument. 8
  2. A strong argument should give the deep analysis of the topic dealt within the statement.
    Statement Traditional culture should be preferred to modern culture.
    Argument No, both have their good points as well as bad points.
    Explanation :The argument above is a super fluous one. It does not give any analysis of the core of the topic. It gives no reasons. Hence, it is a weak argument.
  3. A strong argument gives the realistic diagnosis of the situation described in the statement.
    Statement Nuclear families are better than joint families.
    Argument No, joint families ensure security and also reduce the burden of work.
    Explanation: Above argument provides a realistic diagnosis of the situation given in the question. So, it is a strong argument.
  4. The argument must be judged as an argument not as an opinion
    Statement Should India be declared a ‘developed country’?
    Argument Yes, why not.
    Explanation: The argument is in the form of a counter-question, which shows it is an opinion of the author, any strong’ reason. Hence, this is not a strong’ argument.
  5. A strong argument should not be mere reiteration of the situation given in the statement.
  6. Whenever any argument is followed by ‘only’, then that is generally a weak argument as that may not be only possible case.
    Statement All the rivers should be connected.
    I. Yes, this is the only way of checking floods.
    II. Yes, this will prove very helpful for irrigation.
    Explanation :Argument I is a weak argument due to the use of word ‘only’. There may be other ways to check floods also. So, it is a weak argument. II is a strong argument as it is providing sufficient reason in favor of the situation.
  7. Whenever any argument covers a mass or the government or higher authority then you cannot direct them. So, in these cases if the argument is followed by ‘must’, then that is generally a weak argument. But a person on higher post may direct and instruct his/her subordinates (or mass).
    Statement Social and financial inclusion are Iwo very important and fruitful steps for reducing the gap between various classes.
    I. Yes, government must take all possible steps to ensure this.
    II. Yes, government should encourage and promote this.
    Expiation :Argument is a weak argument as government cannot be forced to take any step. We should keep faith in the governance process. So, due to use of word must’, it is a weak argument. II is a strong argument. II says that government should encourage this.
    This is the right way of arguments, with a person on higher authority, with the use of word ‘should’.
  8. Whenever instead of saying anything about the statement, some other ways or some alternate options are provided in the argument, then that is a weak argument.
    Statement India should go for more nuclear power plants.
    I. Yes, it is safe and efficient.
    II. No, India should go for more hydro-power plants.
    Explanation: Argument II is a weak argument as it is providing an alternate option instead of arguing for or against the statement. us a strong argument as it is in favour of the statement and providing solid reasons for the statement.
  9. Whenever any argument is based on the comparisons, like comparison with other country etc, then that argument is a weak one.
    Statement:- India should adopt one child policy.
    I. No, this is not possible.
    II. Yes, China has adopted this policy, so we should adopt this.
    Explanation :Argument II is based on the comparison but the condition of India is different from China, so it is not right to go for comparisons. Hence II is a weak argument. is also weak as it does not provide a valid reason for the argument.
  10. An argument can be valid without being true in real world. So, you should go with the question without interpreting anything by yourself. For example-All birds can fly. An ostrich is a bird. So, according to the statement an ostrich can fly. Your answer should be this only.
  11. Ambiguous arguments are weak arguments. In such statements, the writer’s intention is not clear and their is no co-relation between the statement and the arguments and course of action.
    Statement One should enjoy life because tomorrow one has to die.
    Argument No, instead one should strive to achieve a goal rather than think of death as a goal.
    Explanation: Here the argument is ambiguous. Both statement and argument are different and unrelated. Argument is not related to the statement and only a hint of it is made. So, it is a weak argument

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