One Word Substitutes Common List

The knowledge of one word substitutes is very essential for expressing our ideas briefly and precisely. These one word substitutes can do the work of so many words. By using one word substitutes you can make your speech and writing impressive and effective. These are the short cuts which can bring beauty and clarity in your expressions. They will help you use the right word for the right occasion.

One Word Substitutes Examples

  • A person who loves everybody – Altruist
  • A person who does a thing only for pleasure - Amateur
  • A person who wants to create lawlessness in the country – Anarchist
  • A piece of writing which does not bear the writer’s name – Anonymous
  • One who does not believe in the existence of God – Atheist
  • One who practices the science of turning base metal into gold – Alchemist
  • A medicine that counteracts the effect of poison – Antidote
  • A person who studies the movement of heavenly bodies – Astronomer
  • One who predicts the future on the basis of the position of starts – Astrologer
  • Medicine that prevents decomposing – Antiseptic
  • Government in which power is vested in the hands of one person – Autocracy
  • A body of listeners – Audience
  • One who cannot pay his debts – Bankrupt
  • Quarrel over something very unimportant – Bicker
  • Girl who is boyish in manners and habits – Tomboy
  • Man who is womanly in habits and manners – Effeminate
  • A lover of books – Bibliophile
  • One who writes the life story of someone – Biographer
  • Government run by civil servants – Bureaucracy
  • Animals that eat flesh – Carnivorous
  • A man who eats human flesh – Cannibal
  • A list of books – Catalogue
  • Doctor who treats diseases of heart – Cardiologist
  • An unmarried man – Bachelor
  • An unmarried girl – Maiden
  • An elderly Unmarried woman – Spinster
  • Morbid fear of closed or confined places – Claustrophobia
  • An often used or stereotyped phrase – Cliché
  • One having excessive enthusiasm in religious matters – Fanatic
  • A speech made on the spur of the moment – Extempore
  • The first speech made by a person – Maiden Speech
  • A language which is no longer in use – Dead Language
  • A person who would easily believe things – Credulous
  • A person (fool) who would believe anything – Gullible
  • One who eats too much – Glutton
  • A belief or an opinion contrary to what is generally accepted – Heresy
  • Persons living in the same age – Contemporaries
  • Insincere exhibition of emotions – Histrionics
  • One who believes in eat, drink and be merry – Epicure
  • One who is extremely fond of sensual pleasure - Hedonist
  • One who leads a very severe and simple life – Ascetic
  • Not fit to be elected or chosen – Ineligible
  • Not fit to be eaten – Inedible
  • That cannot be averted or avoided – Inevitable
  • One who can never commit a mistake – Infallible
  • On who cannot be wounded – Invulnerable
  • One who cannot be conquered – Invincible
  • That which cannot be turned round – Irreversible
  • That cannot be cured – Incurable
  • That cannot be said or spoken – Unutterable
  • A step that cannot be taken back – Irrevocable
  • Doctor who treats skin diseases – Dermatologist
  • A self-centred person – Egoist
  • One who loves to speak about oneself – Egotist
  • One and the only of its kind – Unique
  • A penniless or destitute person – Pauper
  • Animal that can live on land as well as in water – Amphibian
  • One who can be easily managed – Submissive
  • One who is extremely proud – Arrogant
  • One who hates mankind – Misanthrope
  • One who hates woman – Misogynist
  • One who hates the institution of marriage – misogamist
  • One who can use both hands with equal ease – Ambidexterous
  • A person having very low level of intelligence – Moron
  • One who worships images – Idolater
  • One who destroys images – Iconoclast
  • Quite unnecessary or needless – Superfluous
  • System of having several wives at a time – Polygamy
  • System of having several husbands at a time – Polyandry
  • Writing style which is very wordy – Verbose
  • One who changes his mind easily – Capricious
  • Concerning or related to youth – Juvenile
  • Person having a tendency to commit crimes – Delinquent
  • Things related to the east – Oriental
  • Things related to the west – Occidental
  • One who knows several languages – Linguist
  • An office with very high salary but no work – Sinecure
  • An office for which no money is paid – Honorary
  • A thing given to someone without any payment – Gratis
  • One who is present everywhere – Omnipresent
  • One who knows everything – Omnipotent
  • One who has all the power – Omnipotent
  • Murder of one’s brother – Fratricide
  • Murder of an infant – Infanticide
  • Murder of any human being – Homicide
  • One who will never die – Immortal
  • Being kind and large-hearted by nature – Generous
  • To make something beautiful – Adorn, Beautify
  • To make something ugly and hideous – Tarnish
  • Being neither bright nor dull (mind) – Mediocre
  • One who speaks very little (reserved in speech) – Taciturn
  • One who speaks too much – Loquacious
  • That can catch fire easily – Combustible
  • To remove an error – Rectify
  • One who always criticises others – Censorious
  • That which cannot be copied or imitated – Inimitable
  • That can neither be seen nor felt – Imperceptible
  • Always the same-having no variety – Monotonous
  • Nature fit to be liked and loved – Amiable
  • Study of birds – Ornithology
  • Favouring one’s friends and relatives – Nepotism
  • The art of public speaking – Oratory
  • Animals that eat plants and vegetation – Herbivorous
  • Murder of a king – Regicide
  • One who studies the curves of palm – Palmist

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