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Line charts are seen as simplified forms of the normal bar chart.

Example: The bar chart given below represents the highest values of the sensex in the given years.

If we convert the same data into a line chart, it will look like this :

Sometimes in case of line charts, the lines are not given and only the dots are indicated in the graph. Let us see an example with the same data :

  • Generally Line Charts are used in case time is one of the variables in the data. The ‘time’ variable can be in the form of hour, day, months years or anything that represents chronological order of events.
  • It is easier t calculate the percentage changes in a line chart and thereby understand the trends of the data in a better way.
  • A line chart becomes very handy in case of data with two different scales.

Example: The line chart given below represents the production of soaps by a company over a period of five years and the inflation for the same period.

  • Two or more than two variable can be represented on a line chart very easily. Besides, we can see the movement of data very easily in case of a line chart.

Example: Below given line chart represents the movements of the highest value of two indices over a given period:

The same data can be represented using dots only also :


Types of Line Charts

Broadly, line charts are of three types :

Normal Line Chart
This is a simple line chart representing two or more than two variables.
In the chart given below, The total number of enrollments for four different years of for four coaching institutes are represented :

Stacked Line Chart

In a stacked line chart, the values keep on getting added to obtain the next value.

Example: Here, the bottom line (of LC) gets added with the values of SMI to represent the value of SMI. Now this represented value of SMI is added to the actual value of EMIT to give the value of EMIT on the chart. And finally, the same is done with the value of FC.

Hence, in a stacked line chart, to obtain the values of different constituents/segments, either stat with the top line or the bottom line and then keep on subtracting the values to obtain the next value.

Time Speed Distance Line Chart

This line chart is used in tables of data collected from experiments on physical progresses.

Reader Diagram

This diagram every value is represented with respect to a central point. All the changes in the values are expressed in the form of distance from this center point.

Example: The radar diagram given below represents the highest value of two indices over a given period.

It can be seen that the center value = 8000. With every passing circle the value increases by 2000. Since here are seven years, the diagram takes the shape of a heptagon.
Had there been only six years, it would have taken the shape of a hexagon, as shown below :

Similarly, had there been only four years, the diagram would have been in the shape of a square.

Area Diagram

In case of an area diagram, the values are represented in terms of areas.
Data set given is :

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
East 20 27 90 20
West 30 38 34 30
North 45 46 45 42


The stacked are diagram corresponding to the table given above will be like this :


Line Charts Problems and Solutions

Directions for Questions 1 to 5: Refer to the following line chart and solve the questions based on it.
The line chart given below represents the salary and expenditure (in Rs) of Guru Gulab Khatri for the given period.

It is given that the salary is greater than the expenditure at least for four years. All the values are multiples of 5.

Question 1. By what percentage has the salary of Guru Gulab Khatri increased in 2004 over 2012?
Answer : 150%

Question 2. By what percentage has the expenditure of Guru Gulab Khatri increased in 2004 over 2003?
Answer : 66.66%

Question 3. For how many years the salary is more than expenditure?
Answer : 6.

Question 4. Which year is the percentage increase in the salary of Guru Gulab Khatri maximum?
Answer : 2004.

Question 5. A year is said to be comfortable, if Guru Gulab Khatri is able to save atleast 30% of his salary. How many years are comfortable during the given period?
Answer : 3.


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