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BHEL logoBharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is well known for its contribution in construction, manufacturing, engineering in different sectors like transportation, oil & gas, transmission, power and defence. BHEL has 74% market share in the Power by providing its services for over 40 years in India and abroad over 76 nations in the six continents of the world. BHEL is also investing in R&D and it is amongst the largest in the corporate sector in India. The Corporate R&D division at Hyderabad leads BHEL’s research efforts in a number of areas of importance to BHEL’s product range. BHEL also established 4 specialized institutes in India - Ceramic Technological Institute (CTI) at Bangalore, Pollution Control Research Institute (PCRI) at Haridwar, Welding Research Institute (WRI) at Tiruchirappalli and Ceramic Technological Institute (CTI) at Bangalore. Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell plant at Gurgaon pursues R&D in Photo Voltaic applications.

Address of communication for any recruitment query

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Corporate Office, Siri Fort,
New Delhi - 110049,
Contact Number: +911166337000

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