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Artificial Language is the part of Logical Reasoning and important section ofAlien the competitive exam syllabus like IBPS, CTET, UGC, CAT, SSC etc.. Here we are giving you some easier as well as quicker way to solve Artificial Language problems.

Artificial language test is based on signal. As you know signals are used to convey a message between the sender and the receiver without a third person knowing it. Here, signals are made of an artificial language or numbers which have to be understood, by the candidates.

Artificial Language - Solved Examples

Directions: ‘Share market doing well’ is written as ‘va jo ba ma’, ‘learn to share stuff’ is written as ‘si pa la va’, ‘well known to market’ is written as ‘si nu ma jo’ and ‘stuff the whole market’ is written as ‘fi ma pa do’.

1. What does the code ‘ba’ stand for?
(A) Well , (B) Share , (C) Doing , (D) Whole

2. Which of the following represents ‘well known share’?
(A) Jo nu pa , (B) va nu fi , (C) nu va jo , (D) va jo qo

3. What is the code for ‘market’?
(A) Va , (B) Jo , (C) Ba , (D) Ma

4. Which of the following may represent ‘learn to excel’?
(A) Zi si la , (B) La si pa , (C) La zi qo , (D) Si fi qo

5. What is the code for ‘whole’?
(A) Pa , (B) Fi , (C) Ma , (D) Either ‘fi’ or ‘do’

Note : To solve such questions, first all you have to find out the common words and their signals in the directions, then only you can understand the particular code or signal for the particular word.
To solve the question number 1, you have to find the word for which the code ‘ba’ stands. In the directions ‘ba’ has come only once, now find the word which has come only once in parallel to the code ‘ba’, i.e., ‘doing’. Thus, the answer will be ‘C’.
By this method you can answer any of the given questions.

Solution 2.
Share market doing well ⇒ va jo ba ma ….(i)
Learn to Share stuff ⇒ si pa la va …..(ii)
Well known to market ⇒ si nu pa do ma jo ….(iii)
Stuff the whole market ⇒ fi ma pa do …..(iv)
Thus, the code will be ‘nu va jo’ for ‘Well known share’, i.e., ‘C’

Share ⇒ va, market ⇒ ma
Doing ⇒ ba, well ⇒ jo
Learn ⇒ la, to ⇒ si
Stuff ⇒ pa, known ⇒ nu
The ⇒ fi or do, whole ⇒
1. (c) , 2. (c) , 3. (D) , 4. (A) , 5. (D)


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