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Shortcut and Formula on Time and Work

  • Work from Days:
    If A can do a piece of work in n days, then A's 1 day's work =
  • Days from Work:
    If A's 1 day's work = , then A can finish the work in n days.
  • Ratio:
    If A is thrice as good a workman as B, then:
    Ratio of work done by A and B = 3 : 1.
    Ratio of times taken by A and B to finish a work = 1 : 3.
  • If A is 'x' times as good a workman as B, then he will take of the time by B to do the same work.
  • A and B can do a piece of work in 'a' days and 'b' days respectively, then working together, they will take days to finish the work and in one day, they will finish part of work.


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