The Article English Grammar Study Material and Video

"The Article" Video Lecture - Page 3

A, an and the is Article they are basically demonstrative adjectives.Two types of Article is given below:

Indefinite Article

The definite article “a/an” is used for Indefinite, non-specific or non-particular (common) noun.

Example: He bought a shirt.
The article “a” before shirt in above sentence means that the shirt he bought is any shirt and not a specific shirt.

Rules for using Indefinite Article (a/an)
The article form “a” is used before a word (singular) beginning with a consonant, or a vowel with a consonant sound. e.g. a book, a cat, a camera, a university, a European
The article form “an” is used before a word (singular) beginning with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or consonant with vowel sound (or beginning with mute h ). e.g. an apple, an elephant, an umbrella, an hour,

  • Before a singular noun which is countable.
    e.g. He bought a book
    She is eating an apple.
  • Before a singular noun which refers to a class of things.
    e.g. An orange is rich in vitamins.
  • Before a name of a profession .
    e.g. She wants to be a doctor
    He is an engineer.
  • For certain expressions of quantity.
    e.g. a lot of, a few, a couple, a dozen
  • For certain numbers.
    e.g. a hundred, a thousand, a million
  • Before a singular, countable noun in exclamation.
    e.g. What a beautiful flower!
    What a nice shirt!

Article a/an is not used before uncountable nouns. e.g. water, milk, sand etc..


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