Synthesis of Sentences English Grammar and Speaking

Synthesis of Sentences Solved Examples - Page 3

Synthesis of Sentences is the opposite of transformation of sentences and means combining a number of simple sentences into one new sentence. That new sentence might be either a simple sentence, a compound sentence, or a complex sentence.

By using a Participle

  • He jumped up. He ran away.
  • Jumping up, he ran away.
  • He was tired of play. He sat down to rest.
  • Tired of play, he sat down to rest.
  • He is well versed in English. He was appointed as the English teacher in the school.
  • Being well-versed in English, he was appointed English teacher of the school.

By using a Noun or a Phrase in apposition

placing side-by-side two coordinate elements, the second of which serves as an explanation or modification of the first.

  • This is my friend. His name is Rama.
  • This is my friend, Rama
  • I spent two days in London. It is one of the most attractive places in England.
  • I spent two days in London, one of the most attractive places in England.
  • Buddhism was founded 2500 years ago. It is one of the greatest religions.
  • Buddhism, one of the greatest religions, was founded 2500 years ago

By using a Preposition with Noun or Gerund

  • The moon rose. Their journey was not ended.
  • Before their journey ended, the moon rose.
  • He was failed many times. He still hopes to win.
  • Having failed many times, he still hopes to win.
  • Her husband died. She heard the news. She fainted.
  • On hearing the news of her husband’s death, she fainted.


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