Staff Nurse Previous Year Questions

51. When making an occupied bed, the nurse aide SHOULD:
(A) put the dirty sheets on the floor
(B) help the client to sit in a chair while the bed is being made
(C) lower both side rails before changing the sheets
(D) raise side rail on unattended side

52. The nurse aide is in the employee dining room. A group of nurse aides are eating lunch together and begin discussing how rude a certain client was acting. The nurse aide SHOULD:
(A) join in the conversation
(B) suggest that this is not the place to discuss the client
(C) be quiet and not say anything to the other nurse aides
(D) return to the unit and tell the client what was said

53. The nurse aide enters a client’s room, and the client states that he has pain. What should the nurse aide do?
(A) Report it to the nurse in charge
(B) Tell the client to get out of bed for awhile
(C) Tell the client that the pain will go away soon
(D) Ignore the client’s statement

54. A client is upset and crying over the recent death of her husband. How should the nurse aide respond?
(A) Tell her not to cry because it will make her feel sad
(B) Close the door and leave the client to cry alone
(C) Take the client to an activity to help her forget her husband
(D) Sit with the client and allow her to talk about her feelings

55. Which temperature is considered MOST accurate?
(A) Oral
(B) Axillary
(C) Groin
(D) Rectal

56. What is a beginning sign of a pressure sore?
(A) Swelling
(B) Numbness
(C) Discoloration
(D) Coolness

57. While assisting a client with denture care the nurse aide observes that the upper plate is cracked. The nurse aide SHOULD:
(A) clean the dentures and return them to the client’s mouth
(B) call the client’s family
(C) call the dentist and make an appointment
(D) report the damage to the nurse in charge

58. A new client refuses to wear a clothing protector at lunch. The nurse aide SHOULD:
(A) tell the client that he must wear it
(B) put the clothing protector on the client
(C) report this to the nurse in charge
(D) respect the client’s wishes

59. The nurse aide can BEST show that he is listening to the client by:
(A) changing the subject frequently
(B) responding when appropriate
(C) correcting the client’s mistakes
(D) directing the conversation

60. The BEST time to prepare for a disaster is:
(A) while evacuating residents
(B) during lunch
(C) when everyone is safely in bed
(D) before it happens

61. Mode of transmission of Pertussis:
(a) Vector transmission
(b) Through contaminated water
(c) Droplet infection
(d) Faecoaral

62. Time required to measure the Mantaux test:
(a) 24 to 48 hrs
(b) 48 to72 hrs
(c) 10 to12 hrs
(d) 2 to 4 hrs

63. Name of the oral Polio Vaccine:
(a) BCG
(b) TAB
(c) Salk
(d) Sabin

64. The following are the standard tuberculosis drug except:
(a) Chloromycin
(b) Streptomycin
(c) INH
(d) PAS

65. Combination of Tripple Antigen:
(a) DPT
(b) BCG
(c) TAB
(d) ECG
66. The time interval between infection of suspected person and the
appearance of signs and symptom of the disease is called
(a) Quarrentine
(b) Recovery period
(c) Incubation
(d) Isolation period

67. Route of transmission of Hepatitis B:
(a) Oral
(b) Potential
(c) Faeco oral
(d) Contaminated water

68. Mode of transmission of typhoid fever:
(a) Intravenous
(b) Oro faceal
(c) Respiratory
(d) Droplet

69. Causative organism of diphtheria:
(a) Mycobacteria
(b) Streptococcus
(c) Coryne Bacterium diphtheria
(d) Staphylococcus

70. Incubation period of measles:
(a) 1-7 days
(b) 7-14 days
(c) 14-21 days
(d) 21-28 days

71. Site for mantaux test:
(a) Outer and upper quadrant of gluteus maximus
(b) Deltoid region
(c) Posterior left forearm
(d) Anterior left forearm

72. Media of transmission of bovine type of tubercle bacilli:
(a) Milk
(b) Water
(c) Air
(d) Food

73. Painful Micturition:
(a) Eneuresis
(b) Dysuria
(c) Rentention of urine
(d) Diarrhoea

74. Amount of solution used for evacuant enema in adults:
(a) 100-250 ml
(b) 250-350ml
(c) 500-1000ml
(d) 1000-1500 ml

75. Drugs used to relieve pain:
(a) Anti inflammatory
(b) Antipyretics
(c) Antibiotics
(d) Analgesics

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