Model Test Paper - 17

Question 1: Average age of A and B is 24 years and average age of B, C and D is 22 years. The sum of the ages of A, B, C and D is: . [Bank P.O. 1992]

(a) 90 years
(b) 114 years
(c) 96 years
(d) Data inadequate

Answer: A+B = (24 χ 2) = 48 and B + C + D = (22 χ 3) = 66

With this data, we can not find A + B + C + D.

So, the data is inadequate.

Question 2: A train travelling at a speed of 75 mph enters a tunnel miles 3\frac{1}{2} miles long. The train is \frac{1}{4} mile long. How long does it take for the train to pass through the tunnel from the moment the front enters to the moment the rear emerges?

(a) 2.5 min
(b) 3.2 min
(c) 3 min
(d) 3.5 min

Answer: Total Distance covered= \left (\frac{7}{2} +\frac{1}{4}\right )miles=\frac{15}{4}miles\left ( \frac{7}{2} +\frac{1}{4}\right )miles=\frac{15}{4}miles

\therefore Time \, \, taken=\left ( \frac{15}{4\times 75} \right )hrs


\left ( \frac{1}{20}\times 60 \right )min=3\, \,min

Question 3: A takes half as long to do a piece of work as B takes and if C does it in same time as A and B together, and if all three working together will take 7 days to complete the work then B working alone would finish the job in

(a) 21 days
(b) 14 days
(c) 42 days
(d) 21 \frac{2}{3}\:days

Answer:  \frac{1}{c}= \frac{2}{x}+ \frac{1}{x}= \frac{3}{x}

\frac{1}{a}+ \frac{1}{b}+\frac{1}{c}= \frac{2}{x}+ \frac{1}{x}+\frac{3}{x}= \frac{6}{x}= \frac{1}{7}

\Rightarrow x = 42

\Rightarrow time = 42 days

Question 4: In a class of 52 students, the number of boys is two less than the number of girls. Average weight of the boys is 42kg, while the average weight of all the 52 students is 40 kg. The average weight of the girls is

(a) 37.25 kg
(b) 35.148 kg
(c) 38.148 kg
(d) 39 kg
(e) None of these

Answer: Let the numbers of boys and girls be (x - 2) and x, respectively.

\therefore x + (x - 2) = 52

\Rightarrow 2x = 54

\Rightarrow x = 27

\therefore Number of girls = 27 - 2 = 25

Now, average weight of girls = \frac{52\times40 - 25 \times42}{x}

= \frac{2080 - 1050}{27}

= \frac{1030}{27}

= 38.148 kg

Question 5: The blood groups of 200 people is distributed as follows: 50 have type A blood, 65 have B blood type, 70 have O blood type and 15 have type AB blood. If a person from this group is selected at random, what is the probability that this person has O blood type? (S.B.I 2005)

(a) 0.5
(b) 0.15
(c) 0.25
(d) 0.35

Answer: We construct a table of frequencies for the the blood groups as follows

group frequency

A 50

B 65

O 70

AB 15

We use the empirical formula of the probability

P(E)= \frac{Frequency\: for\: O \: blood}{Total \: frequencies}

P(E) = 70 / 200 = 0.35

Question 6: if x:y = 1:3, then find the value of

(a) 14:5
(b) 15:5
(c) 16:5
(d) 17:5

Answer: x= 1 and y= 3

put the value of x and y in question

7+9 : 2+3= 16:5

Question 7: About the number of pairs which have 16 as their H.C.F. and 136 as their L.C.M., we can definitely say that : .[Cal. 1990]

(a) only one such pair exists
(b) many such pairs exist
(c) only two such pairs exist
(d) no such pair exists

H.C.F. of two numbers divides their L.C.M. exactly. Since 16 is not a factor of 136, it states that there does not exist any pair of numbers with H,C.F. 16 and L.C.M. 136.

Question 8: Pipes A and B can fill a tank in 5 and 6 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together, then the tank will be filled in: (BANK P.O 1998)

(a) \frac{60}{17}
(b) \frac{55}{17}
(c) \frac{65}{17}
(d) \frac{75}{17}

Answer: Net part filled in 1 hour = \frac{1}{5}+\frac{1}{6}-\frac{1}{12}=\frac{17}{60}

The tank will be full in \frac{60}{17} HRS.

Question 9: In a race of 200 m, A can beat B by 31 m and C by 18 m. In a race of 350 m, C will beat B by: ( S. B. I 2008)

(a) 5 m
(b) 12
(c) 15 m
(d) 25 m

Answer: A : B = 200 : 169.

A : C = 200 : 18

\frac{C}{B}=(\frac{C}{A}\times \frac{A}{B})=(\frac{182}{200}\times \frac{200}{169})= 182 : 169.

When C covers 182 m, B covers 169 m.

When C covers 350 m, B covers\frac{169}{182}\times 350 m = 325 m

C beats B by (350 - 325) m = 25 m.

Question 10: What day was it on 2nd may 2010?

(a) Sunday
(b) Monday
(c) Tuesday
(d) Friday

Answer: 2nd may 2010 = (2009 years + period from 1.01.2010 to 2.05.2010)

Counting odd days:

Numbers of odd days in 2000 = 0

Numbers of odd days 9 years = (2 leap years + 7 ordinary years) = (2 × 2 + 7 × 1) = 11 odd days = 4 odd days.

Total Odd day in 2009 year = (0 + 4) = 4 odd day

Jan Feb Mar Apr May
31 + 28 + 31 + 30 + 2 = 122 days

⇒ 122 days = (17 weeks + 3 day) = 3 odd day

∴ Total number of days = (3 + 4) = 7.

Hence, the required day is Sunday.

Question 11: There are some animals (1)/than can live (2) both in water and land (3)/ without any difficulty. (4)/ No Error (5)

(a) There are some animals
(b) than can live
(c) both in water and land
(d) without any difficulty
(e) No Error

Answer: Place on before 'land'.

Question 12: Owing to the power cut in the area, factories are being forced to________ men

(a) lay off
(b) throw away
(c) send off
(d) put off

Answer: lay off

Question 13: Find the correctly spelt words.

(a) Schedulle
(b) Schedeule
(c) Schdule
(d) Schedule

Answer: Schedule

Question 14: By this time
P : at the railway station
Q : reported mass looting
R : reports of violence were flooding in
S : which police dispatches
The Proper sequence should be:

(a) RSQP
(b) SQRP
(c) SPRQ
(d) RSPQ

Answer: SQRP

Question 15: The drama had many scenes which were so humorous that it was hardly possible to keep a straight face.

(a) hardly possible for keeping
(b) hardly impossible for keeping
(c) hardly impossible for keep
(d) hardly possible keeping
(e) No correction required

Answer: No correction required

Question 16: Practically every part of the banana tree is used by man.

(a) each part
(b) any part
(c) most part
(d) No improvement

Answer: No improvement

Question 17: "The food in this hotel is no match to what were forced at late hours in Hotel Kohinoor " means ______

(a) it is better to eat food than remain hungry
(b) Hotel kohinoor served us good quality food than what we get here
(c) Both hotels serve poor quality of food
(d) Both hotels have maintained good quality of food

Answer: Hotel kohinoor served us good quality food than what we get here.

Question 18: (solve as per the direction given above)

(a) firmly
(b) quickly
(c) soon
(d) urgently

Answer: Soon

Question 19: Male lions are rather reticent about expanding their energy in hunting more than three quarters of kills are made by lionesses are in front, tensely scanning ahead, the cubs lag playfully behind and the males bring up the rear, walking slowly, their massive heads nodding with each step as if they were bored with the whole matter. But slothfulness may have survival value. With lionesses busy hunting, the males function as guard for the cubs, protecting them particularly from hyenas.

Lioness go for hunting

(a) all alone
(b) with their male partners only
(c) with their cubs and male partners
(d) with their cubs only

Answer: with their cubs and male partners.

Question 20: A remedy for all diseases

(a) Stoic
(b) Marvel
(c) Panacea
(d) Recompense

Answer: Panacea

Question 21: 888 888 444 148 ? 7.4

(a) 32
(b) 37
(c) 35
(d) 36
(e) None of these


Question 22: Look carefully at the sequence of symbols to find the pattern. Select correct pattern

(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 1
(d) 4

Answer: In this series, the shaded part inside the circle gets larger and then smaller.

Question 23: Infirmary

(a) patient
(b) receptionist
(c) disease
(d) surgery

Answer: An infirmary is a place that takes care of the infirm, sick, or injured.Without patients, there is no infirmary. Surgery (choice a) may not be required for patients. A disease (choice b) is not necessary because the infirmary may only see patients with injuries. A receptionist (choice d) would be helpful but not essential.

Question 24: Purchase

(a) bank
(b) acquisition
(c) trade
(d) money

Answer: A purchase is an acquisition of something. A purchase may be made by trade (choice a) or with money (choice b), so those are not essential elements. A bank (choice c) may or may not be involved in a purchase.

Question 25: Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
slar means jump
slary means jumping
slarend means jumped
Which word could mean "playing"?

(a) clargslarend
(b) clargy
(c) ellaclarg
(d) slarmont

Answer: According to this language, slar means jump. The suffix –ing is represented by –y. Since choice b is the only one that ends in the letter y, this is the only possible option.

Question 26: Non-smoking adults who surround smokers constantly are less likely to be harmed.

(a) If the interference is definitely true
(b) If the interference is probably true
(c) If the interference is cannot be determined.
(d) If the interference is probably false.
(e) If the interference is definitely false.

Answer: If the interference is cannot be determined.

Question 27: Statements: Some dedicated souls are angels. All social workers are angels.
Conclusions: 1. Some dedicated souls are social workers.
2. Some social workers are dedicated souls.

(a) Only conclusion 1 follows
(b) Only conclusion 2 follows
(c) Either 1 or 2 follows
(d) Neither 1 nor 2 follows
(e) Both 1 and 2 follow

Answer: The first premise is an I type proposition. So, the middle term 'angels' forming the predicate is not distributed. The second premise is an A type proposition. So, the middle term 'angels' forming the predicate is not distributed. Since the middle term is not distributed even once in the premises, no definite conclusion follows.

Question 28: Which activity is taught by Neena?

(a) Shooting
(b) Singing
(c) Painting
(d) Dancing

Answer: Dancing

Question 29: Statement: If the retired Professors of the same Institutes are also invited to deliberate on restructuring of the organisation, their contribution may be beneficial to the Institute.
Courses of Action: 1. Management may seek opinion of the employees before calling retired professors.
2. Management should involve experienced people for the systematic restructuring of the organisation.

(a) Only 1 follows
(b) Only 2 follows
(c) Either 1 or 2 follows
(d) Neither 1 nor 2 follows
(e) Both 1 and 2 follow

Answer: Clearly, the statement stresses that the contribution of retired Professors shall be beneficial. This means that these people's experience regarding working of the organisation is helpful. So, only course 2 follows.

Question 30: Terrorism is one of the bad debts to the world. And the people's are affected this type of violence. Terrorism means the policy of striking terror in the minds of the people by violent methods to achieve some ends.

The passage best supports the statement that:

(a) It could also take a toll on his self-respect, confidence and ability to stand up for himself in the future, because in his mind, he's always the guilty one.
(b) In ballet class, children need to follow directions closely and control their urges to run around the wide-open spaces
(c) It is a law of the jungle to use muscle power and force to get things done.
(d) It's not the disagreements between parents that's harmful, it's how those conflicts are handled and resolved in front of their child.

Answer: It is a law of the jungle to use muscle power and force to get things done.

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