Linear Equations Solutions, Shortcut Tricks and Video Tutorial

Linear Equations Video Tutorial - Page 6

An equation is a statement of equality which involves one or more unknown quantities, called the variables.
An equation involving only linear polynomials is called a Linear Equations.
The following are some examples of linear equations.

  • 2x + 3 = 1
  • x + 5 = 2x + 7
  • y – 16 = 3y + 4

Solving a linear equation

Solving a linear means finding a value of the variable which satisfies the equation.
While solving a linear equation, following properties of equality are to be remembered.

  • Same quantity can be added to both sides of an equality.
  • Same quantity can be subtracted from both sides of an equality.
  • Both sides of an equality can be multiplied by the same quantity (≠0).
  • Both sides of an equality can be divided by the same Non-zero quantity.
  • While transposing a term from one side to the other side of equality, the sign of the term must be changed.
  • The terms involving the variable are kept on one side (LHS) of equality and terms not involving the variable are on other side.


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