Line Charts - Syllabus, Shortcut Tricks and Solutions

Line charts are seen as simplified forms of the normal bar chart.

Example: The bar chart given below represents the highest values of the sensex in the given years.

If we convert the same data into a line chart, it will look like this :

Sometimes in case of line charts, the lines are not given and only the dots are indicated in the graph. Let us see an example with the same data :

  • Generally Line Charts are used in case time is one of the variables in the data. The ‘time’ variable can be in the form of hour, day, months years or anything that represents chronological order of events.
  • It is easier t calculate the percentage changes in a line chart and thereby understand the trends of the data in a better way.
  • A line chart becomes very handy in case of data with two different scales.

Example: The line chart given below represents the production of soaps by a company over a period of five years and the inflation for the same period.

  • Two or more than two variable can be represented on a line chart very easily. Besides, we can see the movement of data very easily in case of a line chart.

Example: Below given line chart represents the movements of the highest value of two indices over a given period:

The same data can be represented using dots only also :


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