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There are four cardinal directions – North – East (N – E), North – west (N – W) South – East (S – E)
And South – west (S– W). There are shown as below:

Solved Examples For Direction Sense Test

Question 1. Bably starting from her house goes 5 km. In the East, then she turns to her left and goes 4 km. Finally she turns to her left and goes 5 km. Now how far is she from her house and in what direction?


From the third position it is clear she 4km. From her house and is in the north direction.

Question 2. Chhoti starting from her house, goes 4 km. In the East, then she turns to her right and goes 3 km. What minimum distance will be covered by her to come back to her house?


Minimum Distance =
= 5 km.

Question 3. One morning after sunrise Juhi while going to school met to Lalli at boring road crossing. Lalli’s shadow was exactly to the right of Juhi. If they were face to face, which direction was Juhi facing?

In the morning sunrise in the east so in morning the shadow falls towards the west.

Now Lalli’s shadow falls to the right of Juhi. Hence juhi is facing south

Question 4. Hema starting from her house walked 5 km to reach the crossing of Dak Bungla. In which direction she was going, a road opposite to this direction goes to Uma Cinema hall. The road to the right goes to station. If the road which goes to station is just opposite to the road which Gandhi field, then in which direction to Hema is the road which goes to Gandhi field?


From (II) It Is Clear That the Road Which Goes To Gandhi Field Is Left To Hema.


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