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Dice is a cube. In cube there are 6 faces. Numbers 1 to 6 are written on the faces. Only one number from 1 to 6 is written on one face. Sometimes are faces are coloured and black dots from 1 to 6 are marked. Dice have been used since before recorded history, and it is uncertain where they originated. It also plays a critical role in the great Hindu epic Mahabharata, where Yudhisthira plays a game of dice against the Kauravas for the northern kingdom of Hastinapura, which becomes the trigger for a war.

Important Points on Dice

1) There are 6 faces in the cube – ABCG, GCDE, DEFH, BCDH, AGEF and ABHF.

2) Always four faces are adjacent to one face.

3) Opposite of ABCG is DEFH and so on.

4) CDEG is the upper face of the cube.

5) ABHF is the bottom of the cube.

There are certain rules with help of there rules questions on dice can easily determined.

Rule No. 1. Two opposite faces can not be adjacent to one another.

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