Complete List of Banking Abbreviations

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "A"

ACF: Auto-Correlation Function
AD: Authorized Dealer
ADB: Asian Development Bank
ADR: American Depository Receipt
AFS: Annual Financial Statement
AGM: Annual General Meeting
AIRCSC: All India Rural Credit Survey Committee
AO: Additive Outliers
AR: Auto Regression
ARIMA: Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average
AFS: Available For Sale
ASSOCHAM: Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM: Automated Teller Machine

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "B"

BIS: Bank for International Settlements
BOI: Bank of India
BoP: Balance of Payments
BPM5: Balance of Payments Manual, 5th edition
BPSD: Balance of Payments Division, DESACS, RBI
BSCS: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BSR: Basic Statistical Returns

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "C"

CAD: Capital Account Deficit
CAG: Controller and Auditor General of India
CBS: Consolidated Banking Statistics
CC: Cash Credit
CD: Certificate of Deposit
CD: Ratio Credit Deposit Ratio
CDBS: Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
CF: Company Finance
CFRA: Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
CGRA: Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
CII: Confederation of Indian Industries
CO: Capital Outlay
CP: Commercial Paper
CPI: Consumer Price Index
CPI-IW: Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
CR: Capital Receipts
CRAR: Capital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio
CSIR: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSO: Central Statistical Organisation
CVC: Central Vigilance Commission

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "D"

DAP: Development Action Plan
DBOD: Department of Banking Operations and Development
DBS: Department of Banking Supervision, RBI
DCA: Department of Company Affairs, (Now known as Ministry of Companies Affairs, MCA) Government of India
DCB: Demand Collection and Balance
DCCB: District Central Cooperative Bank
DCM: Department of Currency Management, RBI
DD: Demand Draft
DDS: Data Dissemination Standards
DEIO: Department of External Investments and Operations
DESACS: Department of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services, RBI
DGBA: Department of Government and Bank Accounts, RBI
DGCI&S: Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
DI: Direct Investment
DICGC: Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
DID: Discharge of Internal Debt
DMA: Departmentalized Ministries Account
DRI: Differntial Rate of Interest Scheme
DSBB: Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
DVP: Delivery versus Payment

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "E"

ECB: External Commercial Borrowing
ECB: European Central Bank
ECGC: Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
ECS: Electronic Clearing Scheme
EDMU: External Debt Management Unit
EEA: Exchange Equalization Account
EEC: European Economic Community
EEFC: Exchange Earners Foreign Currency
EFR: Exchange Fluctuation Reserve
EPF: Employees Provident Fund
EUR: Euro
EXIM: Bank Export Import Bank of India

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "F"

FCA: Foreign Currency Assets
FCCB: Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
FCNR(B): Foreign Currency Non-resident (Banks)
FCNRA: Foreign Currency Non-resident Account
FCNRD: Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable Deposit
FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act
FI: Financial Institution
FICCI: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FII: Foreign Institutional Investor
FIMMDA: Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
FISIM: Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
FLAS: Foreign Liabilities and Assets Survey
FOF: Flow Of Funds
FPI: Foreign Portfolio Investment
FRA: Forward Rate Agreement
FRBM: Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003
FRN: Floating Rate Note
FSS: Farmers’ Service Societies
FWG: First Working Group on Money supply Manual on Financial and Banking Statistics

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "G"

GDP: Gross Domestic Product
GDR: Global Depository Receipt
GFD: Gross Fiscal Deficit
GFS: Government Finance Statistics
GIC: General Insurance Corporation
GLS: Generalized Least Squares
GNIE: Government Not Included Elsewhere
GoI: Government of India
GPD: Gross Primary Deficit
G-Sec: Government Securities

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "H"

HDFC: Housing Development Finance Corporation
HFT: Held For Trading
HICP: Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
HO: Head Office
HUDCO: Housing & Urban Development Corporation

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "I"

IBRD: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IBS: International Banking Statistics
ICAR: Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICICI: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research
IDB: India Development Bonds
IDBI: Industrial Development Bank of India
IDD: Industrial Development Department
IFAD: International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFC: International Finance Corporation
IFC(W): International Finance Corporation (Washington)
IFCI: Industrial Finance Corporation of India
IFR: Investment Fluctuation Reserve Account
IFS: International Financial Statistics
IGLS: Iterative Generalized Least Squares
IIBI: Industrial Investment Bank of India
IIP: Index of Industrial Production
IIP/InIP: International Investment Position
IMD: India Millennium Deposits
IMF: International Monetary Fund
IN: India
INR: Indian Rupee
IOTT: Input-Output Transaction Table
IP: Interest Payment
IRBI: Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
ISDA: International Swaps and Derivative Association
ISIC: International Standard Industrial Classification
ISO: International Standards Organization
ITRS: International Transaction Reporting System
IWGEDS: International Working Group on External Debt Statistic

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "K"

KVIC: Khadi & Village Industries Corporation

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "L"

LAF: Liquidity Adjustment Facility
LAMPS: Large-sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
LAS: Loan & Advances by States
LBD: Land Development Bank
LBS: Locational Banking Statistics
LERMS: Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System
LIC: Life Insurance Corporation of India
LS: Level Shift
LT: Long Term
LTO: Long Term Operation

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "M"

M1: Narrow Money
M3: Broad Money
MA: Moving Average
MCA: Ministry of Company Affairs
MIGA: Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MIS: Management Information System
MMSE: Minimum Mean Squared Errors
MoF: Ministry of Finance
MOF: Master Office File
MRM: Monitoring and Review Mechanism
MSS: Market Stabilisation Scheme
MT: Mail Transfer
MTM: Mark-To-Market

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "N"

NABARD: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NAC(LTO): National Agricultural Credit (Long Term Operatiion)
NAIO: Non Administratively Independent Office
NAS: National Account Statistics
NASSCOM: National Association of Software and Services Companies
NBC: Non-Banking Companies
NBFC: Non Banking Financial Companies
NEC: Not Elsewhere Classified
NEER: Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
NFA: Non-Foreign Exchange Assets
NFD: Net Fiscal Deficit
NGO: Non-Governmental Organization
NHB: National Housing Bank
NIC: National Industrial Classification
NIF: Note Issuance Facility
NNML: Net Non-Monetary Liabilities
NPA: Non-Performing Assets
NPD: Net Primary Deficit
NPRB: Net Primary Revenue Balance
NPV: Net Present Value
NR(E)RA: Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account
NR(NR)RA: Non-Resident (Non-Repatriable) Rupee Account
NRE: Non-Resident External
NRG: Non-Resident Government
NRI: Non-Resident Indian
NSC: National Statistical Commission
NSSF: National Small Savings Fund

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "O"

OD: Over Draft
ODA: Official Development Assistance
OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECO: Organisaton for Economic Co-operation
OFI: Other Financial Institutions
OLTAS: OnLine Tax Accounting System Manual on Financial and Banking Statistics
OMO: Open Market Operations
OSCB: Other Indian Scheduled Commercial Bank

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "P"

PACF: Partial Auto-Correlation Function
PACS: Primary Agriculture Credit Societies
PCARDB: Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
PD: Primary Deficit
PDAI: Primary Dealers Association of India
PDO: Public Debt Office
PDO-NDS: Public Debt Office-cum-Negotiated Dealing System
PDs: Primary Dealers
PES: Public Enterprises Survey
PF: Provident Fund
PIO: Persons of Indian Origin
PNB: Punjab National bank
PO: Principal Office
PRB: Primary Revenue Balance
PSE: Public Sector Enterprises
PUC: Paid Up Capital

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "Q"

QRR: Quick Review Report

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "R"

RBI: Reserve Bank of India
RD: Revenue Deficit
RDBMS: Relational Database Management System
RE: Revenue Expenditure
REC: Rural Electrification Corporation
REER: Real Effective Exchange Rate
RFC: Residents Foreign Currency
RIB: Resurgent India Bonds
RIDF: Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
RLA: Recoveries of Loans & Advances
RLC: Repayment of Loans to Centre
RMB: Renminbi (Chinese)
RNBC: Residuary Non-Banking Companies
RO: Regional Office
RoCs: Registrars of Companies
RPA: Rupee Payment Area
RPCD: Rural Planning and Credit Department, RBI
RR: Revenue Receipts
RRB: Regional Rural Bank
RTP: Reserve Tranche Position
RUF: Revolving Underwriting Facility
RWA: Risk Weighted Asset

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "S"

SAM: Social Accounting Matrix
SAS: Statistical Analysis System
SBI: State Bank of India
SC: Schedule Caste
SCARDB: State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
SCB: State Cooperative Bank
SCB: Scheduled Commercial Bank
SCS: Size Class Strata
SDDS: Special Data Dissemination Standards
SDR: Special Drawing Right
SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India
SEBs: State Electricity Boards
SFC: State Financial Corporation
SGL: Subsidiary General Ledger
SGSY: Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarrojgar Yojana
SHGs: Self-Help Groups
SIDBI: Small Industries Development Bank of India
SIDC: State Industrial Development Corporation
SI-SPA: Systems Improvement Scheme under Special Project Agriculture
SJSRY: Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana
SLR: Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SLRS: Scheme for Liberation & Rehabilitation of Scavangers
SMG: Standing Monitoring Group
SNA: System of National Accounts
SRWTO: Small road & Water Transport Operators
SSI: Small-Scale Industries
SSSBEs: Small Scale Service & Business Enterprises
ST: Schedule Tribe
SWG: Second Working Group on Money Supply

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "T"

TBs: Treasury Bills
TC: Temporary Change
TT: Telegraphic Transfer.

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "U"

UBB: Uniform Balance Book
UBD: Urban Banks Department
UCB: Urban Cooperative Bank
UCN: Uniform Code Number
US: United States
USD: US Dollars
UTI: Unit Trust of India

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "V"

VC: Venture Capital

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "W"

WPI: Wholesale Price Index
WGMS: Working Group on Money Supply: Analytics and Methodology of Compilation
WSS: Weekly Statistical Supplement

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "W"

YTM: Yield to Maturity

List of Banking Abbreviations Starts from "Z"

ZO: Zonal Office

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